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My Approach Is...

Integrative, active and solution-focused

My work is guided by a strengths-based approach, operating with the understanding that people are capable of initiating positive changes in their lives given the right environment and support. While the course of therapy depends on many variables, I am committed to working with care, efficiency and an intensity that can help reduce or alleviate symptoms in as short a time as possible. I believe change and healing comes from a combination of insight and action that happens in the context of trust, safety, choice, compassion and connection. My mission as a therapist is to meet clients where they are, build trust and act as a guide in pursuit of goals.


I'm an integrative therapist, which means that I draw from several different psychotherapy orientations. My work is informed by 

modalities including IFS (Internal Family Systems), Hakomi (a mind-body approach), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Solution-focused and mindfulness practices. I tailor sessions to the particular needs and goals of each individual. This flexible approach helps reveal the dynamics that are unique to an individual's situation which may be creating obstacles to living their best life. Together, we identify these obstacles, assess their impact and resolve them directly. 

Clients describe living with more confidence, joy, courage and authenticity as they let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors, and integrate the benefits from our sessions back into their daily lives. I can help people reduce anxiety, stress and the effects of grief and trauma as well as support them through a life transition to find greater meaning, purpose and passion in life.  Whether you want to heal from past experiences, develop tools to prosper or reach a specific goal, we work collaboratively. 





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